Hi, I’m Michelle Blake.

And I’m Wider Change LLC.

I’m a professional writer and communicator with a passion for positive change.

As a writer and journalist, I’ve worked in the deadline-driven worlds of daily newspapers, radio, and television newsrooms. I’ve won state and national awards for my television reporting on health and social issues. I’ve freelanced for national, regional, and local publications.

As a grant writer and social media and marketing consultant, I’ve managed an array of projects, often exceeding fundraising targets.

I believe we are all called to turn our lived experiences into wisdom and work for a better world.

I’m an animal advocate and activist, a gun violence survivor and gun safety activist, a mindfulness meditation teacher, and a lifelong student of the place where social movements meet personal daily behaviors to create ripples of change.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in Ethics, and an insatiable drive to further the causes of nonviolence, equity, sustainability, and kindness.

What’s your quest? Let’s see how I can help.

View samples of my Published Writing and Design Work on the following pages.