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do good 1 001

Feature-length cover article, national publication

Feature-length cover article, national publication
Spot magazine
“Hall Pass” humor piece on dog poop



No Bad Dogs. Spot Magazine.
Spot magazine
“Recess” piece on brain games for pets





dog park
The Dog Park Dilemma. Spot Magazine
Breaking News Alabama Rescue Dogs
Profile Feature Roo Yori: The K9 Ninja Warrior
Spot Magazine Fall 2018: Local Cat Goes Viral with “Deep Thoughts”
Spot Magazine Summer 2018: Celebrating PET-Landia
A [Winter’s] Tale of Two Dogs. Spot Magazine
Levi in Spot
It’s a Fact: With Age Comes Creaky Joints. Spot Magazine
career change dogs
New Path for Career-Change Dogs. Spot Magazine
Alpha Dogs: The Myth that Never Dies. Spot Magazine
Alpha Dog: Lost in Translation. Spot Magazine
sweet 16
Sweet 16 for Life-Saving Team. Spot Magazine
Rescue express
Rescue Express. Spot Magazine
Much to Consider, and a Great Deal of Help, When the Time Comes. Spot Magazine.
Humping: A Mounting Problem
Total Recall. Spot Magazine